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First Depot

First clinical trial specific depot
in Turkey since 2003

We offer clinical trial IP storage services since 2003.

First Depot
Vendor of MoH

First and only vendor of Ministry of health

Omega is the first vendor of MoH for a project related with smoking cessation.
Omega stored and distributed approximately 340.000 IMPs for 227 sites in 81 cities.

Vendor of MoH

Storage and Dıstrıbution experience over 100 clinical trıals

Storage areas are 15 C /25 C, 2 C/8 C and -18 C/-26 C


7/24 Armed securıty and CCTV

Depot is located in a secured technology park in capital city of Turkey


Temperature & securıty
monıtoring for 7/24

Depot is located in a secured technology park in capital city of Turkey

Vaccine Trial

Turkey’s First vaccıne clinical trıal stored in our depot

Personal delivery for critical IMP

Vaccine Trial
Compassionate Use

Support for Compassıonate
use programs

Continuous communication with sites

Compassionate Use
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Import Licence and Custom Clearance

Omega prepares and get import license and perform custom clearance procedures.

Storage of IP

IP's are stored in appropriate and controlled conditions. Omega provide, freezer, refrigerated and ambient conditions.

Purchasing Consumables

We will purchase consumables or equipments which are needed for your clinical trial. Omega acts as an importer of record (IOR) and exporter of record (EOR)


IP's and NIMP are distribute in temperature controlled packaging and deliver to all over Türkiye from center of Türkiye in 24 hours.


Omega can destruct remained IP's according to the clauses of the Hazardous Waste Regulations in Türkiye.


Frequently Asked Questions

Turkey flag waving

Omega prides itself on being a pioneer in the realm of clinical trial specific depots within Turkey, having established a legacy of dedicated service in storing clinical trial materials since 2003. Our expertise is not only recognized in the duration of service but also in the caliber of projects undertaken. Notably, Omega stands out as the sole depot that secured the esteemed opportunity to manage and execute a major Ministry of Health initiative aimed at smoking cessation, overseeing the storage and logistical requirements for distributing an enormous quantity of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs)—amounting to 340,000 units across a vast network of 227 sites in 81 cities.

In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the storage and delivery/destruction of Coronavac and Turkovac vaccines to sites via the cold chain were carried out by Omega depot.

As an organization committed to excellence, Omega has tailored its offerings to cater comprehensively to both international and local market demands for specialized clinical trial warehousing and distribution services within Turkey’s borders. Our extensive experience encompasses the efficient handling of roughly 60 clinical trials, providing clients with expansive and meticulously organized warehousing, storage, and distribution solutions. The security of your Investigational Medicinal Products is guaranteed; our storage facilities are not only thoroughly validated but also subjected to continual monitoring to ensure they adhere to stringent security standards.

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, our depot underwent a rigorous inspection and received approval from the Turkish Ministry of Health in 2013, aligning with the newly established laws at the time. To maintain the highest levels of quality and compliance, our facilities undergo biannual inspections consistent with the required guidelines. This relentless commitment to quality and regulatory adherence solidifies Omega’s status as a trusted and innovative force in the clinical trial supply sector in Turkey.

Please obtain the designated application form, fill it out with due accuracy, and ensure its prompt submission to the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK), operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health of Türkiye. Rest assured, our commitment includes managing all necessary regulatory proceedings and meticulously preparing the entire spectrum of requisite documents.

Securing an import license typically requires approximately 7 to 14 days following the submission of the application.

Shipments are expedited from our central depot in Ankara, the heart of Turkey, ensuring they arrive at the designated sites within an expedient timeframe, usually just one day.

Our IMP depot is fully equipped with diverse storage conditions to meet specific needs, including ambient, refrigerated, and frozen environments. For shipments, we have the capability to employ temperature log devices, ensuring that integrity and quality are maintained throughout transit.

Under Turkish regulations, for the storage and distribution of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP), it is mandated to procure a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, namely from the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK).

Labeling tasks are well within our capabilities.

In compliance with Turkish Regulations, labeling is meticulously conducted following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. It is imperative that any depot undertaking the labeling process possesses a GMP certificate. Fortunately, we are partnered with GMP certified vendors, enabling us to ensure all labeling is performed through our fully qualified vendors.

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