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First Depot

First clinical trial specific depot
in Turkey since 2003

We offer clinical trial IP storage services since 2003.

First Depot
Vendor of MoH

First and only vendor of Ministry of health

Omega is the first vendor of MoH for a project related with smoking cessation.
Omega stored and distributed approximately 340.000 IMPs for 227 sites in 81 cities.

Vendor of MoH

Storage and Dıstrıbution experience over 100 clinical trıals

Storage areas are 15 C /25 C, 2 C/8 C and -18 C/-26 C


7/24 Armed securıty and CCTV

Depot is located in a secured technology park in capital city of Turkey


Temperature & securıty
monıtoring for 7/24

Depot is located in a secured technology park in capital city of Turkey

Vaccine Trial

Turkey’s First vaccıne clinical trıal stored in our depot

Personal delivery for critical IMP

Vaccine Trial
Compassionate Use

Support for Compassıonate
use programs

Continuous communication with sites

Compassionate Use
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Import Licence and Custom Clearance

Omega prepares and get import license and perform custom clearance procedures.

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Storage of IP

IP's are stored in appropriate and controlled conditions. Omega provide, freezer, refrigerated and ambient conditions.

Purchasing Consumables

We will purchase consumables or equipments which are needed for your clinical trial.


IP's are distribute in temperature controlled packaging and deliver to all over Turkey from center gf Turkey in 24 hours.


Omega can destruct remained IP's according to the clauses of the Hazardous Waste Regulations in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Turkey flag waving

Omega  is the first clinical trial specific depot in Turkey. We offer clinical trial storage services since 2003.

Also Omega is the first and only clinical trial specific depot that won a tender to store and distribute Ministry of Health project related to smoking cessation (340.000 IMPs for 227 sites in 81 cities).

Omega to fulfill the needs of international and local depot services specifically for the clinical trial supplies warehousing and distribution in Turkey. We have provided our depot services approximately for 60 clinical trials. We offer extensive warehousing, storage and distribution facilities. Our storage area is fully validated and continuously monitored to ensure the complete security of your IMP.

Our depot was inspected and approved in 2013 by Turkish Ministry of Health according to relevant law established in 2013. Also our depot is inspecting every 6 months according to necessary guidelines.

You can find the application form here. This form should be filled and submitted to the ministry of health (TİTCK). Of cource we wil complte all regulatory submissions and documentation.

Approximately 7 to 14 days after submission.

Our depot located in the middle and capital city of the Turkey. Almost all shipments can ship to site only one  (1) day.

Our IMP depot has ambient, refrigerated and freezed storage conditions.
In our shipments, temperature log devices can be used.

In our to regulation in Turkey, to storage and distrubition for IMP, a certificate should be issued by minisry of health (TİTCK).

Yes, we can.

According to Turkish Regulations, the labeling process should be performed according to GMP guideline. According to GMP guideline, the depot that carry out the labeling process can not do the labelling without GMP certificate. We have GMP licensed vendors thus we can perform labeling via our qualified vendors.

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