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First IP Depot in Turkey sınce 2003

About Us

Omega ranked among the Turkey’s Top 500 Service Exporters in 2015 & 2016 & 2017


Omega traces its roots back to 2003, proudly claiming the title as Turkey’s first depot specialized in clinical trials. More than a repository, it’s a beacon of meticulous care and governance for vital clinical trial supplies, underscoring our long-standing history in this niche domain.

Exemplifying our pioneering spirit and unmatched capability, Omega stands alone as the sole recipient chosen to steward one of the Ministry of Health’s largest endeavors – a smoking cessation project. This undertaking set a global benchmark in IMP management for a solitary health program, encompassing the seamless coordination of a staggering 340,000 IMPs across 228 sites distributed over 81 cities, all while serving 164,733 beneficiaries. The magnitude and success of this project are a testament to Omega’s unparalleled proficiency in the field.

Moreover, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Omega Depot took on the crucial role of maintaining the integrity of the cold chain for Coronavac and Turkovac vaccines clinical trials. We ensured meticulous storage, strategic distribution, and proper disposal, demonstrating our capability in navigating the complexities of pandemic-response logistics.

Additionally, we brought our logistical acumen to the forefront by successfully storing and transporting the earliest consignments of clinical trial vaccines for an esteemed vaccine manufacturer, further cementing our role as a central player in trailblazing vaccine trials.

Our inception in March 1997 marked a revolutionary moment. Omega, as Turkey’s foundational Contract Research Organization (CRO), delivers a diversified suite of specialized services in the realms of clinical and epidemiological research management. We are dedicated to excellence, catering to both local and global pharmaceutical sectors, alongside various health-related organizations. From phase I-IV clinical trials to insightful post-marketing studies, Omega epitomizes independent, cutting-edge research operations, continuously advancing the benchmarks of clinical trial and research management both within Turkey and on the international stage.

Depot In Turkey since 2003
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